Store and protect your passwords so you don't lose or forget them


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Have you ever forgotten the password to encrypted documents, files or folders? Now you can save them in a safe place thanks to SecuStar, a powerful app that administers all of your passwords along with the user information so that you can open all of your apps and avoid the risk of not being able to access them again if you forget your password.

With SecuStar, you just have to remember one password in order to access all the rest of them, making it easier to store your access information in one extremely safe place which uses a protection algorithm that was approved for the protection of highly classified documents in the United States.

In addition, SecuStar doesn't work for just one user, but rather for all of the users on the same computer, saving everyone's passwords while respecting each person's privacy.

If you often work in the cloud, SecuStar gives you the option of protecting your information and synchronizing the passwords across each device, as it also analyzes and protects your webpages from malware or attacks. It also is easy to access the program, as there is a shortcut at the bottom right of your screen or you can use a keyboard shortcut.

It requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


The trial version can store up to 30 passwords.

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